Ford Sourcing 2014 Ford Police Interceptor Surveillance Technology To Competition

Ford Motor Company is now offering its innovative and award-winning police surveillance mode technology to competitive manufacturers, for use of law enforcement and military organizations around the world. Ford touts that this technology further protects officers and could save officer lives.

First introduced on the 2014 Ford Police Interceptor, the multi-patent pending surveillance software uses the backup camera and radar to alert officers of unexpected approaches from the rear of the vehicle. It was developed by Ford with InterMotive Inc. and is now being made available separately.

Quite often, officers are distracted by what is in front of them and are not always paying attention to the rear of vehicle. These situations often occur when officers use their computers, exit the vehicle to speak with a driver or to perform other tasks.

With this software activated, the vehicle will monitor the rear and “cover their back.” When a person approaches from the rear, the vehicle will sound a chime, roll up the driver’s side window, lock all doors and flash exterior lighting. These measures are a first line of defense and can quickly protect the officer. Also, the feature is activated by the officer so it won’t be a cumbersome tool. As far as nabbing police fleet sales go, we wonder how Ford sourcing this USP will attract precincts.

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