Porsche Museum “Project: Top Secret!” Opens: Video

The Porsche-loving public now has a new, very special window into the experimental, prototyping soul of the brand with the latest exhibit to open in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart: “Project: Top Secret!”

The exhibit sounds like it was titled by a five year-old, but the concept and planning obviously came from someone with a little more sophistication; visitors to “Project: Top Secret!” can come and see for themselves a plethora of prototype examples from 14 different projects of Porsche’s storied past. That includes the astonishingly contemporary 1988 Porsche 989 concept (basically a four-door 911), a juicy 928 convertible prototype, the 959 C29 prototype that paved the way for the stunning aero of the production 959, and a turbocharged 924 world-record endurance car that, sadly, never reached completion.

If you can’t afford a ticket to Stuttgart, or otherwise don’t want to visit because you can’t sprechen sie Deutsch, no worries; you can still enjoy the playful, way-paving prototypes of “Project: Top Secret!” at a distance thanks to video. Of course, seeing these icons that never were only whets our appetites to see them on the road, or at least parked in a cold, sterile room for us to run our hands over.

And there’s the rub; we never will.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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