Audi’s RS7 Piloted Driving Concept Takes On The Hockenheim Ring In Germany: Video

When we reported Audi would introduce its new autonomous driving technology on the next-generation A8 full-size sedan, we mentioned it had already implemented the technology successfully on an RS7 and tested it at speed on a racetrack. Now, the German automaker has released video footage of the impressive feat.

Audi equipped the subject RS7, dubbed the Audi Piloted Driving Concept, with 3D cameras which scanned the track and relayed the information back to a computer system onboard. This allowed the car to correctly position itself on the track and take the proper driving line, while corrected GPS signals transmitted to the car via Wi Fi let it know where it was geographically.

In some spots, the 560 horsepower RS7 hits speed of up to 140 mph, a scary prospect for some even when there is a human behind the wheel. Audi says the same or similar technology implemented on the Piloted Driving Concept could trickle down to its production cars one day, starting with the A8. For a quick glimpse into what might be the future of motoring, check out the video below.

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