Loaded 2006 Ford GT With 7 Miles Headed To Mecum Anaheim

Remember that 1966 Ford GT40 that Motrolix featured a few days ago? It was the inspiration for the 2005-06 Ford GT. Only 4,038 were built, so it’s hardly rare, but they still command a premium because, y’know, supply and demand and stuff. This one, which has a meager seven miles on its odometer, will be auctioned at Mecum’s Anaheim event on November 13-15.

The seller claims this Ford GT has “all four options” but we’re not privy to the option sheet of GTs. However, we note this GT has the following options and specifications:

  • McIntosh sound system
  • Lightweight wheels
  • Gray-painted brake calipers
  • Centennial White with Blue stripes
  • Black interior
  • Intact transport stickers
  • Copy of the original MSO and FMC dealer sheet
  • Owner’s manual and window sticker
  • Supercharged 5.4/550 HP engine
  • Ricardo 6-speed transmission
  •  Aluminum space frame chassis

With only seven miles, there’s probably a good chance this will be sold to someone who wants a museum piece. Us? We’d rather drive it. At the 2013 Mecum Auctions Pebble Beach/Monterey, a 2006 Ford GT in Heritage trim (aka Gulf Racing colors) with less than 6 miles sold for an astounding $415,250.00. We don’t see this one attaining those heights, but previous Mecum auctions have shown the high-$200,000 range for similar cars.

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