New Tesla Leasing Options Announced

Tesla Motors published a statement last weekend announcing new Tesla leasing options for potential customers of the Model S sedan.

According to the New York Times, Tesla Motors is now boasting a three-month return policy on all of its wares, where there will be no lease termination fee for deciding to end your lease early within that time.

That said, customers can’t use this as a loophole to trade-up to a different Model S variant; for that, Tesla is instead offering a “pass-through fee” by which customers cover the difference in cost between the currently leased car, and the new one.

The new Tesla leasing options also include the option to lease through the U.S. Bank rather than through the Tesla Motors company, which CEO Elon Musk estimates could be up to 25 percent less expensive. Currently, leases for the Model S sedan can typically cost anywhere from $800 to $1,300 per month depending on the variant, assuming around a $7000 down payment.

These new Tesla leasing options come in response to continued demand for the cars, although the company guards their exact sales numbers a lot more closely than most carmakers.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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