Porsche Club Of America Turns 60, Gets A Watch Made In Its Honor

The Porsche Club of America is turning 60 next year. If you didn’t get it a gift, don’t worry; there will be other birthdays.

Also, watchmaker Chopard is already giving the world’s largest single-brand car club the best gift of all, marking the occasion with a limited-run commemorative watch.

Sixty-six of the watches will be made, exclusively available through the Porsche Club of America. Why sixty-six? Well, sixty of them will sport a stainless steel case – one watch for each year of the PCA’s existence – and another six will be chiseled from 18-karat rose gold, instead.

The watch is a special, celebratory version of Chopard’s Mille Miglia, which was already introduced to the soft, genteel wrists of the world’s moneyed watch-connoisseurs some months ago this year. It features a chronograph and tachymeter on the watch face, which can be used together to measure distances if your Swarovski crystal tape measure is with the sitter, or your butler is too tired to fetch your bronze, 16th century pacing-sticks.

The face is blue, with red and white dial elements, and on the back of the watch case is the Porsche Club of America logo, as well as a production-run number: ## out of 60. The watchband is a tacky, god-awful affair made of blue rubber, which has no place on a wristwatch this exclusive (and expensive). But hey, it does have a juvenile tire-tread look all the way around the band, so that’s something.

And just how much is this Porsche Club of America commemorative watch? Just shy of $6,000 apiece for the stainless steel wristwatch. Or, you could put up an appalling $21,000 for the gold edition. All that coin and they’re not going to spring for a more premium watchband material than blue rubber?

If we had that $21,000 to spare, we’d much rather put it toward a good, used 968, and maybe a backup car for when the timing belt inevitably pops.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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