Porsche May Turn To the Dark Side, Turbocharge Entire 911 Lineup

Depending on how you feel about boosted cars, we have some potentially devastating news for you. According to Car Magazine, Porsche’s entire 911 lineup, including the entry-level Carrera, will all use turbochargers when its refreshed for the 2016 model year.

The move is rather unsurprising, as even Ferrari has committed to producing only turbocharged models going forward. The demand for more fuel efficient vehicles is increasing and more strict fuel economy standards will soon be put in place, making a naturally-aspirated performance car like the 911 a tough sell. For that reason, the inline-six in the 911 will be decreased in bore size and turbocharged.

Car says the 3.4-liter inline-six in the current base-model Carerra will decrease in size to 2.9-liters when it’s turbocharged, while the Carrera S’ 3.8-liter engine will stay the same size. All 911 models above those models, including the Carrera 4/4S and the Targa, will use turbos. The only model which might be safe from the turbo treatment is the hardcore GT3, which may lose even more weight to aid improve fuel consumption.

While a turbocharged engine never sounds as sweet or has to immediacy of a naturally-aspirated motor, one area where they almost always make up for it is in power. Car says the base Carrera will now make 400 horsepower, an increase of 50 ponies over the current car. The Carrera S will produce a staggering 530 horsepower, which puts it dangerously close in power to the current 911 Turbo. As a result, a refreshed Turbo could also debut with even more power.

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