Real-Life Hot Wheels Rip Rod Powered By Ford 1.0L EcoBoost: Video

If you were a kid, you probably would be out of your mind if your favorite Hot Wheels model came to life as a real car. In fact, judging by certain blue Camaros out there, there are plenty of adult automotive enthusiasts who are just like that. With these people in mind, the Bandito Brothers have created a Hot Wheels Rip Rod powered by Ford’s own award-winning 1.0L EcoBoost turbo-three.

Per the YouTube video, this vehicle is characterized “as an evolution of the static project car first seen at SEMA last year on the Ford Motor Company stand and designed and built by Mattel and Bandito Brothers. The 2012 Rip Rod was featured on a trailer pulled by a special Ford Transit Connect.”

With an engine “small enough to fit in a suitcase” but big enough to accelerate the evolution of racing,” the direct-injection desert buggy is a kid’s dream come to life judging by the below video from Ford Racing.

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