Check Out This 1971 Ford LTD Convertible: eBay Find

The 1971-72 Ford LTDs are the last of the big Ford convertibles, so they have a certain collectible cache even though they’re not as desirable as their earlier brethren. Gone were the days of sporty Galaxie XLs and 7-Litres with 4-speeds, instead replaced by luxurious appointments and more formal styling. Still, for a generation of Fords that lacked anything exciting, certain ones stand out more than others, as this 1971 LTD on eBay proves.

The 1971 big Fords were all-new, continuing the more formal styling of the 1969-70 generation. The XL was relegated to the dust bin, with the XL convertible replaced by the new LTD ragtop. The hidden headlights that were part of the XL and LTD models also were canned. Trim levels started with the Custom (usually for fleet buyers) but moved up from there with the Custom 500, Galaxie 500, LTD, and LTD Brougham, with engines ranging from an inline-six to the 429/360.

This 1971 LTD convertible on eBay may look like a great way to get into a convertible for cheap, but it holds a secret that is not apparent to the casual observer. Can’t figure it out yet? Look at the three pedals in the interior − indeed, the LTD convertible’s standard transmission with the 351 2bbl. was a column-mounted three-speed manual. According to the Marti Report, only 40 cars were built with this engine/transmission combination. That’s out of over 5,000 convertibles, so this one is a standout aside of its sleepy Pastel Blue paint. Would you believe it has air conditioning too?

The current high bid is $1,825 with reserve having not been met yet. For the handy guy or girl who craves a convertible, you could do worse.

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