640 HP Vortech Supercharged 2015 Ford Mustang To Be Shown At SEMA 2014

Sometimes Vortech supercharges things, and they do a fine job at doing so. Its supercharger kits range from GM product, all the way to a Scion FR-S, so it only makes sense Vortech apply their forced induction magic to the all new 2015 Ford Mustang. And that they have done, by shoving fun-induction kits into this beaming orange supercharged 2015 Ford Mustang.

As mentioned, this supercharged 2015 Ford Mustang is orange. Really, really orange. The hue has been awarded the name “Competition Orange” and compliments the color found around the black wheels and orange brake calipers. So, if you like orange and supercharges, we’re pretty sure they’ve built your dream car. We’re pretty sure there was a cleaning slogan along the lines of this paint color, “That’s the power of orange!”

Other changes they’ve made to the 2015 Ford Mustang include a carbon-fiber lip, 20-inch wheels, a coilover suspension and topped it off with a Magnaflow exhaust so the Mustang can clear its throat of any remnants of Vitamin C from the tailpipes.

The modified supercharged 5.0L Coyote V8 produces a titanic 640 hp, though Vortech has reported the kit can been tuned to an output of 1,200 hp. Whoa. The Vortech supercharged 2015 Ford Mustang can be seen in person at the SEMA show in Las Vegas starting November 4th.

Sean is a staff writer for GM Authority and Motrolix. When's he's not busy taking in local automotive culture, he's probably detailing his car.

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