Ford Dynamic LED Lighting System Adjusts Headlight Beam Angle And Intensity: Feature Spotlight

If you’ve seen Ford’s (awesome) recently-released Night Flight commercial starring the new Mondeo, then you’ve already had a glimpse of Ford Dynamic LED headlight technology. But what, exactly, does it do?

In effect, Ford Dynamic LED headlights combine the daylight-mimicking light clarity of full-LED headlamps with Ford’s Adaptive Front Lighting System, which adjusts the headlight beam angle and intensity to match the driving environment.

The system selects one of seven settings according to the following five conditions:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Ambient light conditions
  • Steering angle
  • Distance to the vehicle in front
  • The state of the windscreen wipers (on or off)

At higher speeds (such as on highways), the headlights project a longer, straighter beam for visibility further ahead; at lower speeds (such as around town), the system spreads out the beam downwards to more intensely illuminate the road immediately ahead. In addition, when the vehicle is cornering at lower speeds, the system projects a beam towards the side of the road so cyclists, pedestrians, and (possible) animals are more visible; at higher cornering speeds, the headlights direct light further into the bend.

The all-new 2015 Mondeo is the first Ford vehicle to offer the Dynamic LED lighting system. Here’s to hoping it will make its way to more Ford models, such as the North American-market Mondeo (where it’s sold as the Fusion) sometime soon.

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