Five Customized Ford Transit Vans To Be Featured At SEMA 2014

It’s not just Ford Expeditions that are receiving the custom treatment at SEMA. The 2015 Ford Transit is receiving some love as well. You’ll be able to see all five of these customized vans at the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) starting Tuesday November 4th.

Vegas Off-Road Experience Transit

South Boulder City, Nevada-based Vegas Off-Road Experience (VORE) gives adventure-seekers the opportunity to drive an off-road desert race truck. The VORE group used its experience and expertise in preparing off-road trucks to create a new Transit van that provides an off-road theme while furnishing luxury transportation. Equipped with off-road wheels and tires, this Transit will be used for guest transportation at VORE events.

“Transit offered us so much capacity to work with that we were able to take our plans further than we could with a typical van,” said VORE chief marketing officer Mike Self. “It will be a great vehicle for taking guests out on course in high-end comfort.”

Designed Travel Transit

Designed Travel Transit

Waldoch Crafts of Forest Lake, Minnesota and 3dCarbon and Air Design of Newport Beach, California got together to customize a long-wheelbase, medium-roof Transit with an eye on long-distance road trips. With a solid hickory wood floor, four reclining captain’s chairs (with heating, cooling, and massage functions, no less), and power headrests, the Designed Travel Transit is ready for the turnpike.

“The larger platform of Transit gives us room for creativity,” said the vice president of sales for 3dCarbon and Air Design, Ernie Bunnell. “Transit provided us with a lot of capability, so we were able to include more technical features than the average conversion.”

Formula DRIFT Transit

2015 Ford Transit Formula Drift - SEMA 2014

This Transit is a functional vehicle that will be used at Formula DRIFT series events for 2015. The Formula DRIFT folks have taken a medium-roof, short-wheelbase Transit and transformed it into a first responder vehicle to help with fire and safety in the case of an accident. Equipped with a custom interior workspace with a TV, LED lighting, a custom entertainment system from Clarion, and a matching Kawasaki Mule support vehicle, this Transit is ready to play a supporting role.

”Track vehicles fulfill a lot of needs, and Transit is able to do it all,” said public relations director for Formula DRIFT, John Pangilinan. “The extra roof height Transit offers really adds a lot of usable space for all of our equipment, including the Kawasaki Mule.”

Business Class Transit

Business Class Transit

Detroit Custom Coach of Oak Park, Michigan created this sleek Transit to offer amenities for VIP travel, whether it’s a business person being picked up at the airport or a girls’ night out on the town. With a long wheelbase and a high-roof, this Transit has seating for up to eight and an amalgam of premium amenities like cocktail stations.

“We are excited to show what the Ford brand can do when it comes to the VIP transportation industry,” said Detroit Custom Coach owner Chris Ramos. “We feel strongly that the new Ford Transit will give other vehicles in its class a run for their money.”

Galpin Auto Sports Transit Skyliner

Galpin Auto Sports Transit Skyliner

Built jointly by Ford and Galpin Auto Sports of Van Nuys, California, the Transit Skyliner builds on the heritage of premium coaches and custom vans. The van, which was named in reference to a special Fairlane from 1957-59, features custom-designed “throne” seats that are controlled by a smartphone or tablet. Galpin’s Transit shows how it can be transformed to fit the needs of limousines and high-end transportation services, commercial fleets, shuttle providers, and small-business owners.

“We are sincerely excited to work with Ford in creating the future of travel,” said the president of Galpin Auto Sports, Beau Boeckmann. “Tapping our history of creating the conversion van segment in the 1960s and ’70s, as well as our recent high-tech work, together with Ford we have brought the modern ultra-premium van to life.”

SEMA 2014 runs from November 4th-7th, 2014.

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