The Ford Mondeo And Its Multi-Contour Active Motion Massage Seats: Feature Spotlight

The all-new 2015 Ford Mondeo is undergoing a launch party in Europe as we speak. And as the new midsize sedan (that’s known as the Fusion in North America) launches in the Old World, we thought it worthwhile to point one of the vehicle’s unique features: the Multi-Contour Seats with Active Motion massage function.

The Ford Multi-Contour Seats with Active Motion massage technology were designed to reduce muscle fatigue for front seat occupants, especially during longer drives. The 10-way adjustable seats use a system of 11 cushions to provide an unobtrusive massaging effect for the thighs, bottom and lower back, while also incorporating heating and cooling features.

The way the seats work is part art and part science: fast-responding nano-valve technology uses memory-shape metal wires the width of a human hair to control airflow in and out of individual cushions while providing the massage effect, or tailored support.

Responsible for making the Multi-Contour Seat technology a reality are two medical doctors. Their goal was to deliver optimal performance using advanced techniques including pressure mapping, ultra-sonic posture monitoring for viewing occupant spine movement when seated, and electromyography that measures the small electrical impulses created by muscle movement.

“Mondeo will reduce muscle fatigue, aches and pains for both the driver and front passenger by keeping muscles and blood vessels stimulated with the unique wave motion,” said Jeroen Lem, research engineer, vehicle interior technology, Ford of Europe. “The advanced system monitors pressure in the individual cushions to feel like a single roller subtly stretching the back, and two intensity settings can be selected from the central touchscreen.”

And if the awesome fatigue-eliminating effect of the new seats wasn’t enough, get this: when the long journey is over and you open the door to get out of the Mondeo, the seat-base bolsters deflate to allow for an easier exit. Cool and comfortable, together at last? Totally.

Now if only we could get the same technology on the American-market Mondeo Fusion.

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