Gymkhana Seven Unleashes Hoonicorn Mustang RTR On The Streets Of Los Angeles: Video

Ever hear the song “Wild in the Streets” by Garland Jeffries? He waxes poetic about the grittiness of early/mid-1970s New York City. LA has nothin’ on NYC, but for a brief period of time, LA stood tall as Ken Block and his Hoonicorn Mustang RTR wreaked havoc in the City of Angels. Yupp, it’s that time — time for Hoonigan, Ford, and Need For Speed to present Ken Block’s Gymkhana Seven.

The AWD Mustang debuted at the 2014 SEMA Show earlier this month, whetting the appetites of car buffs and viral video junkies the world over. The seventh video in the franchise has Block and his fellow Hoonigans blasting through the streets of LA while highlighting those little things that make Los Angeles the place that it is − witness the Mexican food cart and a homeless’ shopping cart. Funny? You betcha! But the humor is only getting started, as are the driving hijinks.

Watch the below video to get all 12 minutes’ worth of Hooning throughout Los Angeles:

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