Hot or Not: Audi Prologue Concept

Audi’s new Prologue concept previews what’s to come from the luxury automaker over the next several years. It’s the first all-new model designed under Audi’s newly appointed head designer,Marc Lichte, and features the company’s redesigned singleframe grille, and several other important future Audi design cues.

The Prologue’s design is definitely a dramatic departure from what we’ve seen from Audi over the last decade or so, especially the interior, but is still more of an evolutionary design than a revolutionary one. Luckily for Audi, they’ve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to styling, so a new design that is more or less the same is still usually light years ahead of the competition. For example, many automakers are only adopting the single strip LED lighting style it used on cars as far back as 2006.

Vote on whether you think the Prologue is Hot or Not below. Your feelings towards this full-size concept car will probably preface your sentiments about future Audi products, as all of them will adopt a look similar to the Prologue’s from this point on.

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