Lincoln Black Label Aims To Elevate Craftsmanship And Quality Service

Lincoln’s branding effort continues to jell as the Ford Motor Company luxury brand redefines what it means to shop for, purchase, and own a luxury automobile with the Lincoln Black Label. Set to launch in December 2014, 32 dedicated Lincoln Black Label dealers in six states will provide showroom space dedicated to serving Black Label customers.

Black Label represents a new level of Lincoln luxury in terms of product execution and personal service,” said the global director of Lincoln, Matt VanDyke. “This combination of elevated service, materials and execution will set Lincoln Black Label apart.”

Lincoln will provide “an enhanced shopping and service experience” to complement luxuriously appointed Lincoln Black Label versions of the MKZ and MKC. One of four unique interior design themes will be offered; they will feature premium materials such as Venetian leather, Alcantara, and designer wood trim.

“Our goal is to provide an ultimate sensory experience by creating luxurious environments with a variety of unique color themes that resonate with customers,” said Lincoln color and materials design manager Janet Seymour. “We achieve this by using the most premium materials with meticulous attention to detail.”

Designer woods, which appear on the instrument panel and doors with all four themes, include Black Stripe, Onyx, and Argento. All were uniquely created for Lincoln Black Label, with color accents and patterns that complement each design theme.

Outside, customers can choose from a palette of standard exterior colors exclusive to Black Label, such as Black Tie, Confidential White, and Crystal Silver; they are offered with all interior design themes. More selective pairings can be specified with Chroma Flame red, Chroma Couture brown, and Notorious blue.

“The Black Label exterior is purposely understated,” VanDyke added. “From the outside, few people might recognize that it is a Black Label vehicle. It’s all about comfort on the inside, creating a luxurious experience for the driver and passengers.”

Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln MKC Black Label models will come standard with 19-inch painted aluminum wheels. Additionally, MKZ owners can upgrade to 19-inch polished aluminum wheels, while MKC buyers can upgrade to 20-inch polished aluminum wheels with painted and chrome accents. Plus, all Black Label wheels feature a unique Lincoln insignia on the center of the rim.

Lincoln plans to expand the network nationwide in late 2015.

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