Utilitarian 1953 Ford Courier Headed To Mecum Anaheim

Station wagons have played plenty of roles in American popular culture. Initially they were used for transporting people to and fro (like a vehicle used by hotels), eventually becoming a prestigious transportation mode for the rich. Then, after World War II, they trickled down to the middle class, becoming the de facto vehicle for burgeoning families from Alabama to Wyoming. In the middle of all that was the sedan delivery − a commercial wagon that Ford called theirs the Courier, one of which will be sold at Mecum’s Anaheim auction next week.

Ford built the two-door Courier from 1952-1960, with the 1952-58 versions having no side glass, much like a commercial van from today; the 1950-60 versions had glass, but they continued to remain two-door wagons. In many ways, the Ford Transit Connect is the spiritual successor to this body style.

This 1953 Ford Courier that will be sold on November 13-15 is equipped with the bare minumum:

  • 230ci Ford flathead engine
  • Column-shifted 3-speed manual
  • Carpeted rear floor
  • Manual drum brakes
  • Whitewall tires

Like pickups of the time, sedan deliveries were often Spartan − witness the painted trim on this one. If you are a small-business owner, the ultimate in utility is just an auction away.

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