Ford Australia To Pull Out Of V8 Supercar Racing

Ford Australia announced today that its Ford Performance Racing (FPR) team will pull out of V8 Supercar racing at the end of the 2015 season.

As reported by V8 Supercars, Ford Australia made the announcement to its stakeholders, although the company has yet to go on record making an official announcement. The move is rooted in the automaker’s desire to allocate marketing resources to an expanding product line and “improved customer experience.”

“We are very aware of what some people will think but all I ask is that people understand this is not about cost saving, this is about investing in areas that we think consumers will value as well … We have tangible proof of those investments; it’s not just saving money and that’s it. It’s new products, customer experience, etc.,” said Ford Australia marketing chief David Katic.

Ford Australia has 23 drivers’ championships in V8 Supercar and touring car racing, the last in 2010.

With Ford Australia closing its manufacturing operation and discontinuing the V8 Falcon in less than a year, the automaker will have to race under 2017 Gen2 regulations if it desires to compete in the event; however, Katic did not hint that Ford will return.

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