Ford Model T Miraculously Starts Up For First Time In 60 Years: Video

Imagine unearthing the ultimate barn find. After sitting untouched for years, what usually comes next is a restoration, if not some extensive work, to get it up and running. But a Ford Model T is a whole different animal, one built with standardization and simplicity in mind. So if you found a Model T that has been sitting in someone’s garage for a decade or two, do you think that it would start?

That’s exactly what the folks in the video attempted to do. Impressively, this 1921 Model T started with a minimal effort after sitting dormant for 60 years. The feat would have been more difficult to achieve had the vehicle in question been an earlier Model T, since all Model Ts had hand-crank starters until 1919.

Once a darling of the collector scene, the Model T’s popularity dried up once its fans started passing away, leaving a glut of unloved Tin Lizzies. But as can be seen in the video just below, there’s still a number of them to be discovered and loved all the same.

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