Ford To Introduce Over 12 New Performance Vehicles Globally Through 2020

We’re just over five years from the year 2020, but you might as well get your wish list ready as Ford Motor Company’s newly-established global Performance vehicles team plans to introduce at least 12 new performance vehicles through 2020.

Ford’s new global Performance organization unites Ford SVT, Team RS, and Ford Racing as one global team with the mission of creating unique performance vehicles, parts and accessories.

“Ford remains committed to innovation through performance,” said Ford group vice president of Global Product Development, Raj Nair. “Our new global Ford Performance team ties together racing, performance vehicles and parts. It will allow us to more quickly introduce products and accessories that meet the needs of customers around the world on-road and on the track.”

The 12 vehicles include an all-new Focus RS that will be available to customers in major markets around the world (including the U.S.!) for the first time. The Focus RS will join Ford’s current performance lineup, including the Fiesta ST, Focus ST2016 Mustang Shelby GT350 (and a rumored GT350R variant), F-150 Raptor, Taurus SHO, and possibly a successor to the Ford GT supercar.

“To earn the RS badge, the vehicle has to be a no-compromise driver’s car that can deliver exceptional performance on the track when required while providing excellent every day driving,” added Nair.

But don’t discount the sleepers of the bunch − the Fiesta and Focus ST. Powering them is Ford’s award-winning EcoBoost engine range. Since the 2009 introduction of the turbo-charged and direct-injected EcoBoost engine range, Ford has produced more than 2 million of them around the world.

“EcoBoost is a strong example of how we are migrating technology and engineering across our lineup, ensuring our vehicles are fun to drive – not just our Ford Performance lineup,” said Nair. “From our most nimble Fiesta to our hard-working full-size pickups and racing vehicles, our lineup benefits from the innovations we deliver at the track and at the limit.”

An example of this technology transfer will be seen in the recently-revealed 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350, which will hit the streets of the U.S. and Canada in 2015. Aerodynamic innovations developed through Ford’s racing experience were applied to the front end of the new pony to improve downforce and cooling. And that’s just more proof that “racing improves the breed” as Ford continues to use racing as an important proving ground for cultivating engineering innovation.

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