Ford Teases New ‘Built Ford Tough’ Shield Logo: Video

Ford pickup truck owners and enthusiasts are likely familiar with the Built Ford Tough shield. Pictured below, current iteration of the tough-looking steel plate features a Ford logo surrounded by the words “Built Ford Tough”.

Ford uses the shield to advertise its trucks across various mediums, including TV, print, and digital. The logo usually gets dropped on the ground at the end of an ad. As the solid piece of metal lands, it breaks the earth beneath it — representing the durability and strength of The Blue Oval’s F-series trucks. And now that the all-new aluminum-bodied 2015 F-150 has launched, it makes sense for Ford to update the Built Ford Tough shield, which is exactly what it’s doing.

Last-Generation "Built Ford Tough" Shield Logo

Last-Generation “Built Ford Tough” Shield Logo

The very short video below previews the creation of the new shield, with a water jet cutting out the logo from a slate of aluminum. And those vertical slats shown in the video aren’t part of a truck’s bed, as may initially appear, but are rather part of the water jet system.

Have a look at the teaser video, which unfortunately, doesn’t show the full Built Ford Tough shield:

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