Owner Of Burnt-Down Lamborghini Miura Sues Dealer For $1 Million: Video

About a year and a half ago, a classic Lamborghini Miura SV became, as our humorous friends at Autoblog put it, a “car-b-que.” The million-dollar classic Lambo was tragically engulfed in flames while being driven home from where it was serviced in London. Luckily, no person was hurt during the incident.

The Miura’s owner hasn’t dropped the matter and is suing the London Lamborghini dealership for improper maintenance of the extremely rare classic. But since the Miura wasn’t in the hands of the dealer when the car became too hot to handle, pointing fingers to assign blame can be tough. Even so, the car was, in fact, en route home from the dealer when the fire broke out.

Lamborghini Miura burning 02

Filed by billionaire property manager and owner Jon Hunt, the lawsuit claims that the dealer improperly installed the spark plugs during the Miura’s service. Now, the dealer is facing lawsuit seeking a healthy $1 million, with the sum intended to cover the vehicle’s value, storage costs, and “loss of enjoyment.” We’re not sure we can blame Mr. Hunt, because seeing anything of yours go up in flames can’t be too fun to watch. Especially when it’s something as rare as a Lamborghini Miura.

To note, the vehicle in question was valued at $1.4 million and was one of only 764 Lamborghini Miuras ever produced. But Mr. Hunt deducted the $313,000 from his suit thanks to the money he received from scrapping the car… which we can’t image to have been a fun trip to the scrapyard. Stay tuned as we share with you how this one develops.

In the meantime, we’ve provided footage from the “car-be-que” for you to watch… at your discretion. Sigh.

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