RevoZport Tesla Kit Can Soup-Up Your Electric Chariot: Video

Hong Kong-based tuning parts company RevoZport Racing Technology is ready to take your orders for the “R-Zentric” kit, a slew of carbon fiber aerodynamic enhancements for the Tesla Model S.

The kit consists of a front splitter, rear diffuser, side skirts and bigger rear fenders (to accommodate a wider track), all for the price of $5,690. As Autoblog points out, the RevoZport Tesla kit is reasonably priced if you’re already spending the additional $15,000 by ordering the 691 HP Tesla P85D Model S. It might not be as justifiable if you’ve opted for the base Model S, although the savings from that model could just as well be applied to the R-Zentric kit as well. But we digress.

Now, the $5,690 price tag leaves out the rear spoiler, which is really an aesthetic necessity if you’ve already tacked on that many extras. The spoiler is priced at $765, bringing RevoZport’s carbon fiber  kit up to a tally of $6,455. And then there are the lightweight 22″ wheels shown in the video. You do want those, don’t you? Those wheels are made by Klassen, and will cost you an additional $11,000. Without them, provided that you don’t order a set of wheel spacers, your extended rear fenders will look positively stupid.

Now, you can save some money on the RevoZport Tesla kit by opting for Polyurethane in place of carbon fiber. Doing so cuts the price of the Stage II kit plus spoiler exactly in half. But there aren’t any less expensive option for the wheels. Those will still cost you more than a good, pre-owned Porsche 968.

In short, the RevoZport Tesla kit caters to a crowd that can most certainly afford it. But if it were our money, we’d politely decline, as the 691 HP Tesla P85D Model S is already an astounding monster of a performer — with, we might add — plenty of low-hanging mass, and on-the-fly adjustable ride height, making the added downforce offered by the RevoZport Tesla kit seem unnecessary. Especially given the cost.

We’ll keep waiting until someone comes along with an aftermarket firmware option that makes the most of the electric drivetrain by yielding higher output or better torque management. Until that comes along, RevoZport can go ahead and keep their carbon fiber.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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