The Tim O’Neil Rally School In New Hampshire Lets You Rally All Day Long: Video

Located in Dalton, New Hampshire, the Tim O’Neil Rally School has all that you need to hone your driving skills. For instance:

  • 560 acres
  • 6 miles of rally stages
  • 50 Ford Fiestas
  • 18 employees
  • 2 garages
  • 1 classroom
  • 2 tractors
  • 1 mountain peak
  • 1 grill

Everyone starts off in a front wheel-drive car on the skid pad, which allows students to feel a car at its limits without hitting anything (like trees on the actual rally course). The student vehicles see daily maintenance in the garage, and the school also has its own motorsports shop that builds race cars. There’s also a lot of trophies, and at 2,000-feet high, that mountain peak can be used to (physically) run up and down all day long… because a lighter driver is a faster drive.

Here are Tim O’Neil and Andrew Comrie-Picard to show you around, courtesy of Ford Racing:

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