Audi To Introduce e-Quattro All-Wheel Drive System Soon

Audi is preparing to introduce the latest version of its quattro all-wheel-drive system, Car magazine reports. The new hybrid drivetrain will reportedly use a combination of twin-electric motors and an internal combustion engine to produce up to 408 horsepower in higher performance models, with more restrained versions also being available.

The range-topping e-quattro system will reportedly combine a 292 horsepower combustion engine with a 54 horsepower electric motor in the transmission and a second 116 horsepower driving the rear wheels. The setup will allow the cars to run in front-wheel drive mode at higher speeds under the power of the internal combustion engine, and in pure electric RWD mode around town.

e-quattro is said to debut on the 2016 A4 sedan, which could be introduced as early as the Geneva Motor Show in March. Eventually, the technology should trickle down through the rest of the Audi range.

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