All Out Automotive Builds A 2015 Mustang GT With 646 Horses

New Jersey is home to All Out Automotive, a purveyor of horsepower that has built a strong following because they test and run what they sell you, which provides some assurance in that the parts you get from them will provide the power and reliability you desire. And now, behold their latest creation — a very special supercharged 2015 Mustang.

As seen on, special rallye green-ish 2015 Mustang GT doesn’t have a model name. But it’s loaded with special paint and a racing stripe, 20-inch Niche Vicenza wheels, a Magnaflow exhaust system, and plenty of decals showing what’s underneath. We can tell you that under the hood is Ford’s 5.0-liter Coyote V8 with a Vortech supercharger running 11 pounds of boost, resulting in an impressive  646 horsepower and 542 pound-feet of torque.

Based on the photos, we have a hunch that the Mustang is a bit more West Coast tuner than traditional muscle car thunder, a distinction that’s somewhat rare in the Mustang world. But sometimes, it pays to be different… even among Mustangs.

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