Ford CEO Mark Fields’ First Car Was Not A Ford: Video

When pressed by ABC News, Ford CEO Mark Fields admitted that his first car wasn’t a Mustang, or even a Ford Motor Company product. Instead, it was a yellow Datsun B-210.

“It looked like a bumblebee,” said Fields in describing his Datsun (Nissan in all but name) B-210, which was sold as the Datsun Sunny or Datsun 120Y in other markets.

We are going to guess that Fields’ B-210 was the special-edition “Honey Bee,” which was a low-cost B-210 equipped with a stripe, bee decal, and little else. Available only in the U.S. from mid-year 1975 through 1978, this decontented two-door sedan could only be bought in yellow, white, or brown. And it was touted as America’s lowest-priced car.

These days, the Ford CEO drives a 2015 Lincoln MKC — the same vehicle that Matthew McConaughey drives in those… puzzling thought-provoking interesting commercials.

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