Ford F-Series Remains The Single Best-Selling Pickup Truck In December 2014

Though sales of Ford’s F-Series pickup trucks dropped 0.3 percent to 74,355 units in December 2014, the popular lineup remained the single best-selling pickup truck in America. However, combined sales of General Motors’ full-size Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks beat the single truck from Ford, selling 81,273 combined units during the month.

Sales Results - Full-Size Pickup Trucks - December 2014 - USA

FORD F-SERIES-0.3%74,35574,59235.2%41.3%-6.1%
CHEVROLET SILVERADO+35.8%57,83742,59327.4%23.6%+3.8%
GMC SIERRA+31.3%23,43617,85411.1%9.9%+1.2%
GM TOTAL+34.5%81,27360,44738.5%33.4%+5%
RAM TRUCK+32.4%44,22233,40520.9%18.5%+2.4%
TOYOTA TUNDRA-4.3%10,51910,9885.0%6.1%-1.1%
NISSAN TITAN-32.3%8691,2840.4%0.7%-0.3%

Ford’s December 2014 market share of full-size pickup trucks was 35.2 percent, compared to 41.3 percent in December 2013. By comparison, the share of the Silverado was 27.4 percent (up 3.8 percent) and that of the GMC Sierra was 11.1 percent (up 1.2 percent), giving GM a combined market share of 38.5 percent in December 2014, up 5 percent from 33.4 percent in December 2013.

Ford’s slight drop in sales is attributed to the introduction of the all-new 2015 F-150. In bringing the new F-150 to market, Ford needed to re-tool its plants for the new aluminum-bodied truck, requiring downtime in manufacturing when production of the last-generation F-150 stopped production and production of all-new F-150 hasn’t begun. The move resulted in dealers having low or non-existent inventories of the outgoing F-150 and no all-new F-150 to sell before it started production, a circumstance that lasted for several weeks. Luckily, Ford has commenced 2015 F-150 production in November, the truck has been trickling in to dealers, and sales are picking up. The all-new truck has been winning accolades, honors, and awards left and right, and it’s entirely possible that The Blue Oval will take back the monthly full-size truck sales crown from GM sometime in the first quarter of 2015.

December 2014 sales of Chrysler Group’s Ram pickup truck grew 32.4 percent to 44,222 units. The truck gained 2.4 percent in market share to 20.9 percent as the automaker offered attractive cash back and financing incentives to buyers. December 2014 sales of the Toyota Tundra dropped 4.3 percent to 10,519 units, while sales of the Nissan Titan diminished 32.3 percent to 869 units. Those results furnish Toyota with a market share of 5 percent and Nissan a market share of 0.4 percent, down 1.1 percent and 0.3 percent, respectively, from December 2013.

Overall, the full-size pickup truck segment grew 16.9 percent to 211,238 units in December 2014 amidst record-low fuel prices. By comparison, 180,716 full-size trucks were sold in December 2013.

About The Numbers

  • Market: United States of America
  • Segment: full-size pickup trucks, light duty and heavy duty
  • Time frame: December 2014
  • Figures collected from individual automakers

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