Motion-Sponsored 1965 Mustang ‘Hugger Mugger’ To Be Auctioned By Mecum

Motion Performance is known for teaming up with Baldwin Chevrolet and creating among the most balls-out muscle cars of the era, but the operation was not averse to working on other cars. That’s the case with this 1965 Mustang that’s headed to Mecum’s Kissimmee auction on January 23rd, 2015.

The story seems to go something like this: a New Yorker named Fred Reimer bought a 1965 Mustang and went racing. He met another Ford racer named Larry Smith, who happened to be the service manager at Motion Performance. Eventually, Reimer’s Mustang was sponsored by Motion and developed a reputation for stealing wins from Camaros, hence the “Hugger Mugger” nickname.

After 31 years or storage, Reimer sold the fastback to a gentleman who returned it to its race-day configuration. Other than a fresh repaint (including new lettering by the original artist, Gary “Local Brush” Kupfer), the Mustang remains largely unrestored. However, the original race engine is missing, having been replaced by a Tony Cary-built Ford Racing Boss 302. The original Toploader 4-speed, meanwhile, is hooked to a Ford 9-inch rear with Holman-Moody nodular center section using a Detroit Locker differential with 4.30:1 gears. There’s more vintage stuff to speak of, including  a Moroso cable-drive tachometer, Stewart Warner gauges, Lakewood traction bars, and a Mallory dual-point distributor. This Mustang rolls on 14-inch vintage ET wheels up front and 15-inch Astros with new M/T slicks out back.

Back in 1966, Reimer added the Shelby hood, side scoops, and rear quarter windows, but those mods don’t detract from what is basically a nostalgic piece with pedigree. Mecum estimates bidding will reach $150,000-$200,000.

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