Porsche 911 No. 57 Starts On The Road To Rehab: Video

Awhile back, Porsche 911 No. 57 (then-called “901”) was discovered rotting away in a garage; it had been the only one of 82 “901” cars which remained unaccounted for by the manufacturer. Clearly, it was no mere barn find.

Porsche 911 No. 57 has since been reacquired by the automaker, and its restoration is partly underway. In the video below, released on Porsche’s official YouTube channel, Kuno Werner of the Porsche Museum Workshop talks us through the initial stages of the car’s revival.

“For us, this car really represents a milestone,” Werner says, “because we did not have an earlier production 911 in our stock.” Needless to say, every care is being taken in the car’s rehabilitation in view of its importance. “Our main goal is to preserve the integrity of the vehicle, and to use as many original parts as possible.”

To that end, Porsche Classic is performing the overhaul of the car’s (original) engine and gearbox. Both have been completely disassembled for a thorough, attentive rebuild. Meanwhile, the Museum Workshop crew has taken apart the rest of the body to strip down to bare metal and refinish, presumably in its factory color.

Granted, not every part on the final vehicle will be factory stock; notably, both the passenger’s side door and front quarter panel have been lost to time. But Porsche 911 No. 57 represents such an obscure, significant part of the marque’s history, we don’t think it much matters.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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