A Look Inside Volkswagen’s Autostadt Car Tower In Germany: Video

If you purchase a Volkswagen product and you live in Europe, you may be lucky enough to be able to pick up your car straight from the Autostadt. Located in Wolfsburg near VW’s original factory and headquarters, the Autostadt is a giant VW car tower.

The idea behind the Autostadt — German for “car city” — came to fruition in 1994 as a way to document the build process of Volkswagen cars. VW broke ground on the tower in 1998 on a site adjacent to its Wolfsburg vehicle production plant, which builds the Golf hatchback (the North American Car of the Year), its various electric, performance, and Sportsvan variants, as well as the Touran van and the Tiguan crossover.

Today, the Autostadt attracts more than two million visitors annually, and is home to many different tourist attractions, like an off-road course on which visitors can drive the Volkswagen Touareg, a fun activity that allows children to drive electric-powered mini-Beetles, various multimedia features, and more. It is certainly an exciting place to visit, as the TFL Car video clearly shows.  So hit the play button and take a look inside the giant car tower and the adjacent Volkswagen museum.

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