Nissan Files ‘Evalia’ Trademark Application

Nissan Motor Company has filed an application to register the term “Evalia” as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Motrolix has discovered.

The automaker’s February 5th, 2015 filing carries serial number 86525235 and specifies that the mark will be used for “Motor vehicles, namely, automobiles, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles, sport utility vehicles and structural parts therefor and electric automobiles and structural parts therefor”.

Nissan Evalia Trademark Filing USPTO

The Motrolix Take

In some markets outside the U.S. such as Europe and Asia, Nissan sells an Evalia van. The vehicle is essentially a passenger version of the NV200 compact van (and the NV200 Taxi van) sold in North America.

As such, the registration of the Evalia name with the USPTO serves as an indicator that Nissan is planning to bring a passenger version of the NV200 to the North American market. And as is the case elsewhere around the world, Nissan will likely call the vehicle Evalia.

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