Sane, Level-Headed Woman Destroys Cheating Husband’s Audi R8

It’s easy to lash out irrationally when feuding with your significant other, but we can’t think of any scenario that would warrant this kind of reaction. These photos, first posted by GTspirit, surfaced on social media recently and reportedly show an Audi R8 that was heavily damaged by the temperamental wife of a cheating husband.

We don’t condone cheating of any kind, but the car enthusiast part of our brain has to side with the husband on this one. You shouldn’t destroy people’s personal property no matter how badly they’ve wronged you, especially not if it’s a six-figure supercar. Leave the Audi out of this, lady.

We hope the owner of this car has the proper insurance to get the damage covered or his car replaced. He may have to opt for the latter of those two choices, as the significant body and interior damage would be extremely costly, anyways. Most of all, we hope he’s replaced his life partner.

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