Will A Shelby Mustang GT350 Convertible Bow At Chicago?

At the Chicago Auto Show website, there are precisely zero mentions of a Shelby Mustang GT350 convertible – with one small exception. A list of “relevant tags” at the bottom of a list of convertibles includes a “Ford GT350 Mustang” tag, which is as puzzling as it is titillating.

Auto Evolution pointed the tag out, speculating that the tag might imply the presence of a Shelby Mustang GT350 convertible at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. And indeed, what else are we to take from it? That’d be one heck of a typographical error.

But then, as we’ve said, no other mentions are made of such a car, across the entire website. And according to an article by Road & Track, it would be foolish to anticipate a Shelby Mustang GT350 convertible, because that’s a “long wait for a train don’t come.”

Still, Auto Evolution remains optimistic, citing a replacement part offered by Ford labeled as the “Convertible; MOD 5.2L-TiVCT PFI NA HP1 GAS, Less Special Equipment Package; RH.” The only Ford Mustang confirmed to receive a 5.2-liter mill so far is, of course, the Shelby Mustang GT350.

Take from that what you will.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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