Tesla Model S Interior Receives The ‘Executive Treatment

The Tesla Model S has a rich feature set that aspires to suit every conceivable need of the vast majority of consumers. Case-in-point: the electric sedan’s optional third row seating, which raises the total possible number of human-size occupants to seven. You and your better half could have quintuplets, and still all sit under the same panoramic sunroof.

But what if you anticipate going all your long life before ever having need of those seven seats in your Tesla Model S? What if you wish that your all-electric sedan had rear seating more appropriate for adult humanoids, who enjoy adult things like leather, plenty of bolstering, and other sophisticated appointments?

The Tesla Model S can now see to that demand, too; at the 2015 Detroit NAIAS, Tesla Motors (very quietly) unveiled a new “Executive Rear Seat” option for the ‘S,’ which exchanges the second (and optional third) row of seating for two, more contoured, plusher bucket seats. The seats rest about half an inch lower than the standard bench seat to maximize headroom, and through clever packaging, the same wheelbase can be maintained without sacrificing legroom.

Car and Driver reports that the Executive Rear Seat option on the Tesla Model S will run you $2,000. That is, after you spend some amount for two other prerequisite packages. Those packages are: the Premium Interior package at $3,500, and the Subzero Weather package for $750. The former throws more nappa leather into the mix throughout the cabin, as well as additional accent lighting. The latter option incorporates a heated steering wheel and rear seats, and defrosters for the wipers and washer nozzles.

All-in, you’re looking at $6,250 for the privilege of coddling your rear seat occupants with the very finest in Tesla Model S interior appointments. But hey, if you’re getting a Tesla, you can probably swallow the cost.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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