Are These The Top Five First-Gen Mustangs?

The Fast Lane Car asked, “What are your favorite years and models of the first generation of the iconic Ford Mustang?” They based their five based on an exhibit at the Forney Museum of Transportation in Denver, then asked readers to share what they thought. Here’s their list and our commentary:

5. 1973 Mustang Coupe

Somewhat of a strange choice, but their reasoning is that it represents the last of the first-generation Mustangs. If this generation Mustang deserves to be on a Top 5 list, why not a 1971 Boss 351? After all, Mustangs from 1973 have never stood out compared to their high-compression 1971 brethren.

4. 1972 Mustang Convertible

Again, a strange choice − why a 1972? Why not a high-compression 1971 with the 429 Cobra Jet? And, besides, why are there two 1971-1973 Mustangs on the list? Sure, they have their fans, but they don’t exhibit the purity of the earlier ones.

3. 1965 Mustang Fastback

The Museum (and TFLC‘s writer) called it a coupe, but this is a fastback. Sure, this one belongs on the list. Make mine a K-code GT, please!

2. 1967 High Country Special

The HCS was a promotional model for Colorado and surrounding areas from 1966-68, with the latter being the same as the more famous California Special. 1967 was the first redesign of the original, but why no GTA fastback with a 390? Or, better yet, a similar 1968 model with the Cobra Jet? Now that’s a historical car.

1. 1964½ Mustang Convertible

Yeah, it’s the one that started it all, but the similar ’65 fastback may be the quintessential first-gen. Too bad they didn’t offer that body style until the 1965 model year, but they both seem too similar.

Notice there’s no 1969 model − a favorite with the Baby Boomer set − or a Mach I for that matter. So we wouldn’t necessarily call this the ultimate top 5 list of the first-gen pony.

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