Watch The World’s Fastest Audi TT Drag Race A Lamborghini Huracán: Video

Now, we already know what you might be thinking. But this is not your average Audi TT, because it packs a blistering 800 horses. That’s 190 more than its Italian rival, the Lamborghini Huracán. With the two going face-to-face in the quarter mile, who do you think will win?

The Audi is based on the same general vehicle architecture used in the Beetle, Mk6 Golf, and Jetta. But those attributes also make it light and agile. As the two lineup, the Lambo takes the jump off the line, but the combination of utter speed and low weight allow the Audi TT to catch right up as the two seem to cross the line in a photo-finish. Luckily in today’s modern times, slow motion and proper technical equipment show the true winner of this race.

The Audi TT takes the win by und hair, crossing the line a mere five hundredths of a second faster than the Lamborghini, setting a world record as the fastest TT in the world. The VW-based Audi reaches 133 mph in the quarter mile to propel its way past the Huracán, a mighty feat indeed.

Have a look at the orange Audi TT blast down the dragstrip past the Lamborghini in the video for yourself.

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