Audi Pokes Fun At Our Drone-Ridden Future In Latest A8 Ad: Video

It seems almost inevitable that drones will become more wide spread in the future. They are already a key part of a filmmakers’ equipment arsenal, and there’s talk of them being used to deliver packages and even enforce laws. This has forced some to fear our potentially drone-filled future, and for good reason.

Audi’s latest ad the technology-packed 2015 A8 pokes fun at those who may be scared of a future where drones are constantly occupying our airspace. A group of employees is seen running to their cars in the parking after finishing up their work day, with hundreds of drones buzzing around them like bees.

The four- rings’ ad, which we’ve embedded below, is a humorous exaggeration on what may become our reality, but it’s also a metaphor for how technology doesn’t have to be intimidating. The A8 is full of tech like advanced driver assists and active safety systems, not to mention its satellite-linked eight-speed automatic transmission. It’s easy to be intimidated by the technology, but in reality, it’s there to improve your driving experience. That’s not to say the concept of drone’s isn’t a bit worrying, though.


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