Ford To Roll Out Intelligent Speed Limiter Tech On 2015 S-MAX

In an effort to reduce speeding tickets in a world with an increasing amount of traffic cameras, Ford will offer a semi-autonomous ‘Intelligent Speed Limiter’ on the 2015 S-Max MPV.

The new technology will use a camera-based traffic sign identification system located at the top area of the windshield to let the car know what the posted speed limit is on a given road. To activate the system, the driver will set the system at their desired maximum vehicle speed, with the car self-adjusting its speed based on the posted limits.

Ford says the system will seamlessly adjust the vehicle’s speed, as it regulates the amount of fuel that enters the engine to slow down rather than applying the brakes. If the car is on a slight downgrade, the system will trigger an alarm telling the driver to apply the brakes in order to slow down.

The Intelligent Speed Limiter can be used at speed between 20 and 120 mph. It’s availability will be limited to the S-Max for now but should trickle down through the rest of Ford Europe’s product portfolio, and possibly to North America, too.


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