Porsche Tequipment Celebrates 20 Years Of Enabling Customization

Porsche claims that very few of its customers ever buy the automaker’s vehicles “off the rack.” Each order is typically either optioned in a very particular way to suit the customer’s needs, or that customer very quickly modifies the car into a one-off example after taking delivery.

It’s out of an appreciation for this culture among the brand’s consumers that Porsche Tequipment was started in 1995. Tequipment is, of course, a combination of the words “Technical” and “Equipment.”

Since its inception, the Porsche Tequipment store has maintained the rigid standard of introducing a suitable range of customizing vehicle components no later than three months after a model launch. While Porsche’s custom equipment was somewhat limited in scope back in the day – more hubcaps and floor mats than anything else – the Porsche Tequipment catalog has ballooned to over 400 unique components. That includes 19-inch Sport Classic wheels (pictured) modeled after the iconic Fuchs alloy rim, luggage kits for the 918 Spyder and Panamera Exclusive Series, transporting solutions for skis and bicycles (all of which are extensively tested, even for aerodynamic efficiency), and even special Porsche motorsports accessories.

So after 20 years of success in the custom-retrofit market, Porsche Tequipment is taking operations a step further with a new “shop-in-shop” concept. That will put more of these 400+ accessories directly in front of the customer when they first order, which – at the risk of overwhelming the consumer with options – might help the marque to move a lot more stock.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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