Aston Martin’s New Partnership With Toyota To Produce Prius-Based Vehicle

Remember back in 2011 when we lost all respect for Aston Martin because it released the Toyota–based Cygnet? Prepare yourself for that same feeling of rage and disappointment.

Aston Martin today announced a new chapter in its partnership with Toyota. And, just like the first time around, Aston plans to repurpose one of Toyota’s vehicles in order to lower the average fuel consumption of its sports car lineup. Surprisingly, AM’s latest donor vehicle is even more offensive than the last Toyota-Aston partnership. This time it’s worse; much worse, as Aston has officially decided to create a new city car based on Toyota’s next-generation hippy mover, the Prius. Details remain thin, but we can confirm one key detail — that the new Prius-based AM will follow the same formula as the Cygnet.

With that in mind, we can expect a slightly re-skinned interior, some Aston-y looking sheetmetal an Aston Martin logo, and the guts of the next-gen Toyota Prius. The new Toyota/Aston Prius will be based on the new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform and promises to be eight percent more fuel-efficient than the outgoing Prius thanks to more energy-dense batteries and other hardware tweaks.

And though Aston has recently announced the awesome new Vantage GT3 and the track-only Vulcan, out respect has for the mighty performance-luxury brand has plummeted with this release. So much for Palmer being better than Bez.

Done reading this? Now, go ahead and check the date that this was written. Did we get ya?


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