If Built, Volkswagen Golf R400 Will Make It To The United States

Last year we heard rumours the ridiculously-awesome Golf R400 Concept is destined for production, only to have VW officials declare that the car actually hadn’t officially received the green light. To top it all off, we were all but sure the 395 horsepower hyperhatch would never make it to U.S. showrooms. But that might not be the case.

In an amazing turn of events, it looks like VW has actually granted at least part of our wishes, confirming that the R400 would be available in the U.S. market if it gets built, which is a fairly big if. That information comes straight from the mouth of Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser, a member of VW’s board of management.

Neusser says that the U.S. market has reacted very positively to the seventh-generation Golf family and that the R400 would “fit very well into this strategy”. To us, Neusser’s comments are putting it lightly, since the Golf family has been vital to Volkswagen sales volume this year, being the only VW car line to post year-over-year sales gains while the rest of the lineup posted year-over-year drops.

The real question is whether there is a market for a more expensive and even more high-performance Golf, and whether it’s big enough to support building the vehicle. Year-to-date,  840 buyers parted with more than $36,595 (plus $820 destination) for the potent Volkswagen Golf R, though these results could be higher if the vehicle were more readily available to dealers. And the R400 and its additional 103 horses will likely cost significantly more than that.

So, would you pay (approximately) $50,000 for a Golf that’s as quick as a Corvette Stingray?

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