Ken Block vs. Lewis Hamilton Is The Best Kind Of Racing: Video

It might be a stretch to say the video seen here is a race, in the strictest sense of the word. However, when Ken Block in his insane Ford Fiesta GRC goes tire-to-tire with Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes W04 F1 car, does it even matter? Because to us, all that counts is the sight of two insanely capable yet vastly different vehicles hamming it up on one track — and the ensuing hilarity that follows.

Now, since one of the two is an F1 car, we think Hamilton is holding back for the interest of the crowd. But despite the outright speed disparity, and the fact that Block is more famous for his crafty drifts than lap times, it’s worth noting that both the modified RallyCross machine and the multimillion dollar F1 car are capable of reaching 60 MPH in under two seconds. So, without further ado, we present you two-time F1 world champ Lewis Hamilton versus Gymkhana master Ken Block.

PS: all sorts of tires were seriously destroyed in the making of the video.

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