New Bentley Suite At The St. Regis Istanbul Redefines ‘Opulence’

Apart from (obviously) the Rolls-Royce moniker, there is perhaps no household name which so readily evokes images of plush luxury and supreme richness as Bentley. Even pronouncing aloud instills in us the same sort of humble unworthiness as uttering the names of Swarovski, Rolex, or Louis Vuitton.

For the very few among us for whom Bentley is not a divine entity, but just another brand, there is a new Bentley Suite available for rent at the St. Regis Hotel & Resort in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Istanbul Bentley Suite is actually the second of its kind, the first being constructed at the St. Regis in New York City. In the grand tradition of the Bentley brand, it takes opulence to an entirely new level. Predictably, motifs recalling the Bentley Continental abound, but it’s truly the materials and craftsmanship that make this such an astoundingly rich hotel suite.

For instance, a Continental wheel-inspired form adorns the solid marble floor in the Bentley Suite’s foyer, while gorgeous, curved veneer, also reminiscent of the Continental, adorns the walls of the living area. Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the space lend a breathtaking view of the Istanbul skyline, and give one access to a massive terrace.

The Bentley Suite also has a bespoke sofa, wrapped in plush and luxurious Bentley leather, with signature diamond-shaped stitching, and two built-in champagne coolers. An Olive Ash wet bar, accented with splashes of anthracite and claret, opens to reveal three Breitling clocks, set to Istanbul time, London time, and New York time. And, the bar also encompasses a bespoke humidor.

A fine wool and silk rug in the Bentley Suite echoes the marque’s iconic matrix grille, while items from the Bentley Home Collection are peppered throughout – such as the chaise in the bedroom. Alongside the chaise, a large work desk resides along one of the many panoramic windows, and an oversized bed frame adorned with burgandy hide and engine spin.

And then you get to the master bathroom, where book-matched marble slabs create elegant patterns surrounding the dual-basin sink, glass-enclosed shower, and separate bathtub. A separate dressing room also resides there, while another full bathroom and powder room exist elsewhere in the Bentley Suite, meaning you have to share the decadent marble and glass master bath with precisely no one.

The Bentley Suite at the Istanbul St. Regis is stupidly opulent – and in all likelihood, bears a stupidly high cost to match. That’s not to say we wouldn’t love to get inside, even for a few hours; we simply envy anyone with the means.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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