Tesla Motors May Be On The Brink Of Victory In Maryland

While the issue of Tesla Motors’ direct-to-consumer sales approach continues to meet resistance across the US, sometimes resulting in good news for the automaker, and sometimes not, the marque may be on the brink of victory in Maryland.

As Automotive News reports, both the Maryland state house and state senate have green-lit a bill permitting Tesla Motors up to four factory-operated stores.

All that remains at this point, says AN, is a signature from the governor. But at the risk of counting chicks before they’ve hatched, the signature of approval seems like a foregone conclusion; Governor Larry Hogan was personally involved in helping to move the bill along during its late stage. Delegate Kirill Reznik, who authored and sponsored the bill, remarked that Gov. Hogan “wouldn’t have done that if he didn’t support the legislation.”

Surprisingly, the pro-Tesla Motors bill even has the blessing of the Maryland Automobile Dealers Association. Said Reznik: “This situation was incredibly unique. They came to the table as willing partners. I hope other dealer associations around the country look to Maryland and take note.” That consent from the Dealers Association likely has much to do with the specifics of the bill, which permit four manufacturer-operated stores only to automakers which exclusively produce electric, or other non-fossil-fuel-burning vehicles.

Dealers Association President Peter Kitzmiller said that “the exception is intended to apply to Tesla only. [Including the condition] definitely was the best way to do that.”

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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