Tesla Motors Scoops Up Former Red Bull Formula One Mechanic

If you’ve ever watched any modern racing in your life, you’re aware that pit mechanics’ reputation for otherworldly expedience is well-deserved.

Apparently, it’s exactly that furious pit lane speed that Tesla Motors is after, as the automaker has just hired former Red Bull Formula One Chief Mechanic Kenny Handkammer to oversee service training globally.

Autoblog reports that Handkammer is a veteran of full-bore pit stops, having worked in Formula One racing for an impressive 25 years, racking-up 97 victories, and 13 world championships. In the past, Tesla Motors has alluded to a possible future system of quick battery-swapping stations, where customers can speedily “refuel” by having their current, depleted car batteries dropped and swapped-out for freshly charged packs. Most likely, Handkammer’s role at Tesla Motors will be related to that innovation.

Kenny Handkammer left Red Bull racing around the same time that the legendary Sebastian Vettel announced his departure from the team. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk was ecstatic about the new hire, tweeting on Monday that Handkammer “will apply Formula 1 techniques to revolutionize servicing mainstream cars.”

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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