The New Ford Vignale Mondeo Adds Some Class And Craftsmanship

Lauded by the automotive press, and similarly loved by consumers, the Ford Mondeo (“Fusion” in the US) is a refreshingly sharp and well-rounded product. Perhaps that’s why it’s ideal as the first candidate for Ford’s upscale “Vignale” treatment, which will grace the European Mondeo with a measure of extra craftsmanship and refinement.

The Ford Vignale Mondeo – first introduced in concept form at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show – was unveiled in its production-ready form late last week. It will be built in Valencia, Spain, and will be the first Ford product to offer the more premium Vignale treatment.

In the case of this Ford Vignale Mondeo, that treatment includes the European debut of Ford’s Active Noise-Cancellation feature, and further things like acoustic glass and enhanced sound insulation to reduce noise levels in the cabin to a luxurious extent. It will also feature a beautiful quilted, “tuxedo-stitched” leather wrapped interior, exclusive Vignale Nocciola metallic paint, and new alloy wheel styles.

Outside the car, the Ford Vignale Mondeo will be distinguished from lesser models by a unique hexagonal upper grille in a dark matte metallic finish, surrounded by polished aluminum. Chrome bars will adorn the lower grille, with still more use of the finish on the doors. A set of 18-inch Vignale wheels, special metallic paint options, and of course, the obligatory Vignale badging.

The most important advertised quality of owning a new Ford Vignale Mondeo is that it’s hand-finished by a team of Ford craftspeople, working out of a special new Vignale Centre in Valencia. The automaker says that each car is to receive an additional 100 points of quality inspection there. Added customer service, like a “Vignale Relationship Manager” and 24-hour free phone assistance, will be available for the duration of every Vignale customers’ entire ownership.

The Ford Vignale Mondeo would perhaps intrude too closely upon Lincoln’s mission here in the US, but for the European marketplace, it’s a welcome bit of extra refinement to a beloved, hot-selling product. Says Ford Executive VP of Europe, Middle East, and Africa Jim Farley, “Ford Vignale is the highest expression of the Ford brand in Europe bringing together award-winning design with a unique ownership experience.

“Our vision for Vignale is to create a modern, contemporary upscale experience that makes Vignale a valued part of customers’ lives, starting with the Ford Vignale Mondeo, and later this year with introduction of the Ford S‑MAX Vignale.”

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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