Audi To Bring Previous Le Mans Winners To Le Sarthe This Year

Audi is the undisputed champion at Le Mans. The Four Rings have won the legendary endurance race 13 times since 2000 and is shooting for its 14th this year. To celebrate its immense success in the world’s greatest motorsports spectacle, the automaker assembled all 13 of its race-winning cars for a group photo, uniting them all for the first time ever.

The Ingolstadt-based automaker’s dominance at Le Mans started with the R8 LMP1 car in 2000. The next year, the automaker used gasoline direct injection in the car, lowering consumption and increasing responsiveness, and chalked up another victory. The R8 would go on to win three more times, racking up five wins in five years.

For 2006, Audi introduced the ground breaking new R10 TDI diesel race car. The car became the first Le Mans winning car to use a diesel and paved the road to success for future Audi race cars. Since the R10 was introduced, only diesel powered LMP1 cars have won Le Mans, eight of which have been Audis. Next up was the R15, which thanks to its lithium-ion battery and onboard electrical system again introduced ground breaking technologies and paved the way for future Audi LMP1 cars.

A year after the R15 was rolled out Audi introduced the R18. Since the first R18, all of Audi’s Le Mans entries have been called R18 despite receiving significant updates and overhauls. Over the years the automaker has improved the R18s aerodynamic efficiency, while also lowering its consumption and power output, but quickening its lap times.

Audi’s most recent iteration of the R18 won at Le Mans last year, and will be battling hard with the likes of Porsche, Toyota, Nissan and more to take home the title once again this June.

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