Ford Should Make A High-Performance Fusion/Mondeo: Opinion

We’ll just come right out an say it: Ford should make a high-performance variant of its Fusion/Mondeo. Here are five reasons why.

1. It Would Complete Ford’s ST Lineup

Ford has a performance variant of each one of its passenger cars:

  • Subcompact Fiesta? There’s the Fiesta ST.
  • Compact Focus? There are the Focus ST and Focus RS.
  • Full-size Taurus? There’s the Taurus SHO.

In that light, a performance variant of the Fusion/Mondeo — we’ll call them Fusion ST/Mondeo ST for the sake of clarity — would fit perfectly into the growing Ford Performance lineup.

2. It Would Attract New Customers And Make A Good Profit

A Fusion ST/Mondeo ST would attract a new kind of customer to Ford… a customer that, according to Ford group vice president of product development Raj Nair, is younger and more affluent compared to those who purchase base vehicles.

And while that’s well and good in its own right, it’s also important to note that Ford’s performance derivatives also have better margins than base models.

In other words, a performance Fusion/Mondeo would be a great way for Ford not only to attract a new, younger, and more affluent customer, but also to make more money in the process. Sounds like a win-win to us.

3. It Could Replace The Performance Falcons In Australia

Those who were lucky enough to own, drive, or otherwise experience a Ford Falcon know full well the joys of driving a car with a “proper” rear-wheel drive layout and a nearly-perfect front to rear weight distribution. It’s a fun, rewarding experience. Alas, the Falcon is on on its way out.

With its transverse engine layout, a supposed Fusion ST/Mondeo ST won’t drive like a Falcon. But it will still be able to provide a smile-enducing driving experience thanks to, and we’re hoping here, all-wheel drive and a boosted six-cylinder engine.

4. It Would Compete With The Opel Insignia OPC

Without a Mondeo ST in Europe, Ford has no way of competing with the high-performance Opel Insignia OPC (or the Vauxhall Insignia VXR, as it’s called in the UK).

And though the high-performance Insignia OPC doesn’t sell in particularly large volumes, it does two vital things for Opel. First, it draws customers into dealerships who, upon seeing the Insignia OPC’s price tag, often end up buying the Insignia in a different/lesser trim level. And two, the Insignia OPC raises the image of the entire Insignia line and of Opel as a whole.

Ford could stand to capitalize on both of those benefits with the Mondeo and Mondeo ST.

5. Ford Has The Technology To Make It Happen

What is perhaps the easiest argument for a Fusion ST/Mondeo ST is the fact that Ford already has all of the technologies to make the vehicle a reality. For starters, the Fusion/Mondeo is already a great vehicle on a solid platform. Add in a more powerful engine (perhaps the 2.7L EcoBoost V6) and an all-wheel drive system (from the 2016 Focus RS) — both of which Ford already has developed and brought to market in other vehicles — and most of the battle is solved.

All in all, we’d buy one. And we have a feeling that others would, as well.

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