Lincoln Removes ‘New Car Smell’ In China

You know that new car smell we all seem to yearn for and love here in the U.S. of A? Well, Chinese buyers aren’t too keen on it. In fact, Chinese car buyers would rather have now new car small at all. That’s why Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln luxury division is taking the “new car smell” out of its vehicles.

“They don’t like it,” says Lincoln President Kumar Galhotra. “We’ve gone through a very thorough process of understanding the materials that contribute to that smell.”

Lincoln discovered that removing the new car scent — caused by new plastics, glue, and leathers — is rather easy to remove. As workers prepare vehicles for shipping from the United States to China, a small can with absorbent can with carbon sheets is placed inside the vehicle. The concept is analogous to putting a box of baking soda inside a refrigerator to absorb various smells. By the time that vehicles reach the nine Lincoln dealerships in China, the scent is evaporated.

The distinction is one of several cultural differences between selling cars in America and in China.

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